Wednesday, 28 March 2012


Hi  everyone I am an M.E (Embedded system design) student at BITS PILANI.
This article is intended for those who tried very hard but unfortunately got less GATE score . I am informing you everyone that if you have tried for something hopefully which has n’t worked then it is better to choose the best alternative for that. Don’t be depressive. 
As a P.G. student at BITSPILANI I can provide the following information  about the college and its infrastructure.
The life at BITS PILANI is very nice and I promise that you will enjoy it. Day by day it will be interesting  and since you are mature enough at this stage , you will actually decide what you want to become or what you can be?  The institute is very student friendly .
I guarantee that it is best alternative to choose this institute if you don’t get a admission in IITS and Top NITS.
            In terms of research   BITS lags  a little but from the past one year so many initiatives are taken and new courses are being introduced to improve research  level . Under project “parivarthan”  funds are granted to renovate the college infrastructure and improve the laboratory facilities.
 It’s very good in terms of placement. The placement statistics are improved compared to previous years.
For details regarding the Fee structure , courses offered and about the BITS Higher Degree Exam visit the following link:
The notification will be released soon in the month of April.
BITS HD question paper is different for every one as it is online exam and most of the questions are of logical type from prescribed syllabus. Once you got a offer letter your admission is almost over.
Formal Interview   :  Interview is for interaction purpose and they don’t reject anyone. They will ask basic questions like “Your motive behind choosing particular specialization, questions related your interested subjects, questions to test your basic knowledge and projects you have done at graduate level”

Teaching Assistantship and GATE Scholarship:
You can apply for GATE scholar ship but no guarantee that it will get granted within the completion of your course. The other option is to work as a T.A if you wish. At the time of interview they will ask you whether you are interested to work as a  T.A.  in the Dept or not.
Depending on the performance in your interview they will provide you Fee waiver (40% of Tuition Fee per year) or Stipend(Rs.8000/- per month) or both. The work load for one (Fee waiver or Stipend) is 6 hours and if you  get both(Fee waiver and Stipend) you have to work for 12 hours in a week. If you are not selected there is another choice that you can try in other departments like physics and mathematics.
EEE   Dept. offers the following   specializations and priorities are in the following order if you are not particular .The details are provided for Pilani  campus .
Specializations                                                HD  score range                    Last year cutoff

1. M.E. Micro electronics                      150 and above                                    143                     
2. M.E. Embedded sys. Design              140 and above                                    134
3. M.E. Communications.                        135 and above                                 136
Resources available:
Oyster lab (one of the best laboratories in INDIA)worth of Rs.100 crores has licenses from Mentor Graphics, Cadence ,Magma etc which are useful for synthesis of various analog and digital designs.  For   Microelectronics   all the resources like licenses for Analog IC design ,Digital IC design ,and FPGA kits(Xilinx and Altera) are available. The other thing is CEERI Pilani is located besides BITSPILANI where you can go and take guidance from the scientists working there in their relevant fields. As everyone knows that more effort has to be taken by the student in Masters degree , the Faculty will just guide you  and you have  to work hard.
The course structure for M.E is four semesters as usual. The final semester is either you can go for Dissertation (Thesis) or Practice School(like internship in various companies) . Refer BITS Practice School web site for details where you can have the details of all companies you can choose. For collaboration with various foreign universities visit the BITSPILANI website .
I can assure you one thing you will get good opportunities here . So all the best everyone  . “Rest if you must but don’t you quit”.

Thanks and regards.


  1. hi sir,
    how many seats are available for microelectronics, is there a january intake. if so what is admission procedure for january intake

  2. hi sir can i get cutoffs of M.E CSE branch as of your idea? plzzzz and how is BITS HYD for M.E placements?